Vectra Heavy Haulers is a transportation company that specializes in shipping oversized and overweight freight across North America. Through our experience, we know that the oversize freight division is highly specialized, and requires drivers of the highest caliber who are able to abide to all of the rules and regulations to deliver your loads safely and in a timely manner. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are committed to working closely with our customers and providing them with simple solutions for transporting their specialized freight.

We maintain the highest safety standards when transporting each load. We do this by ensuring our drivers are fully trained and qualified to handle the freight they transport. In addition, every owner-operator we work with must conform to our rigorous safety training program as well as adhere to our safety policies we have in place once they are on the road. Furthermore, we take maintenance of the equipment used to transport your freight very seriously by conducting monthly internal safety audits. With these policies in place we offer a worry-free solution when using  Vectra Heavy Haulers to transport specialized and oversized freight.


Vectra Heavy Haulers is located  in Mississauga, Ontario and we service The United States and Canada. We offer a range of equipment operated by experienced drivers which enables us to transport freight to service many industries. Also, with all of our owner-operators being TWIC certified, we are able to gain unescorted access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime transportation system to pick up loads from all the ports within North America.

                        Ports We Service

✦ Halifax, NS                      ✦ Montreal, QC

✦ Thunder Bay, ON            ✦ Baltimore, MD

✦ Newark, NJ                     ✦ Norfolk, VA

✦ Charleston, SC               ✦ Savannah, GA

✦ Jacksonville, FL             ✦ Miami, FL

✦ Tampa, FL                       ✦ New Orleans, La

✦ Houston, TX                    ✦ Galveston, TX

✦ Los Angeles, CA             ✦ Tacoma, WA

✦ Vancouver, BC                ✦ And much more..


Shrink Wrapping

Concerned about  your fragile freight arriving at its destination without being exposed to water, rocks, debris, dust, and salt during transport? While conventional tarps offer satisfactory protection, we offer shrink wrapping services within Ontario to fully enclose and protect sensitive freight.

Benefits of Shrinkwrapping your Freight:

Weather-Proof: Shrinkwrap is waterproof and can be sealed around entire units to eliminate any weather-related losses during transport

Better Than Tarping: Will not move, chafe or damage sensitive freight like heavy tarps can when covering loads that are being transported

Cost Effective: Efficient way to protect your investment during transport and storage by eliminating the need for indoor storage fees

Versatile: Can be applied to freight of any shape or size

✚ Mobile: We will shrink wrap your freight on site