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California Overweight Trip Permit Cost

California Overweight Trip Permit Cost

California Department of Transportation

Address: Box 942874, Room 4105 Sacramento, California 94274-0001

Contact: (916) 322-1297

Hours: 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M (PT)


Single-trip permits are valid for seven (7) travel days.


Steering axle12,500
Single axle20,000


* Depends on the axle spacings

No more than 2 groups at this weight.

Trunnion60,000 lbs                  10’ wide axle


Gross weight

5 Axles112, 500
6 Axles117, 450
7 Axles158, 000
8 Axles181, 300


Length: 135’ *

Steering axle may be required on longer roads.

Width: 15’ *

16’ for mobile homes

Height: Dependent on the clearance. 3’ clearance required.

If there is adequate clearance on routes to be traveled the state will issue permits. Written route surveys required for loads over 17’ high.

When Escorts are needed: # of Escorts

Width over 12′(depends on routes) (Depends on location – may need escort for under 12′ width)one or two
Length 120′ to 135′ (depends on location)1 or more
Length over 100′ in LA city 2+ 100′ in LA county2 (Front & Rear)
Overhang over 30′1
Height 18′ or more requires utility clearance, route survey, etc.1 w/ High Pole
For height under 18′: if not required by permit but is desired by trucking company, due to load, be sure to state “a high pole esc. to be used” on permit application – else subject to possible fine. 
Fixed load-front overhang exceeds 25′ from bumper or, if no bumper, from front tires1 or more
Crane’s boom or mast, drill rig or well service equipment extends over 25′ from front tires1 or more
Rear projection over 25′ beyond trailer1 or more
Not required for max. permittable rear boom overhang of 30′ measured from rear tire’s center. (Insurance company’s “exemption” letter is no longer valid.)1 or more
Truck crane rear boom overhang over 30 beyond last point of support of vehicle bed1 or more
Load width exceeds lane width and if length and/o
width of load and/or vehicle encroaches into adjacent lane. (see chart)
1 or more
(Normally escorts are not required on urban freeway where right lane has been reduced to less than 12′ and load width is 11′ or 12′) 
Escorts for route “E” classification determined by district permit engineer 
Rear overhang of any fixed driven or towed vehicle exceeds 30′ when measured from the centerline of the last axle1 or more


Vectra Heavy Haulers, a trustworthy agency for transporting goods, will make sure that your deliveries reach Nevada safely as well. We follow all the transportation permissions and regulations dictated for federal, state, and local jurisdictions. For more California Overweight Permit (OSOW) regulation information.