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Digital Freight Brokers – Who they are and what do they do?

In today’s fast-paced modern world, many companies, big or small, are conducting business on a global scale at an increasing pace. Whether you run a fashion brand or large commercial trucking company, there will be various aspects of the business that require certain trading, either directly or indirectly, with manufacturers and suppliers from regions other than your own country. With the influx of businesses now trading overseas, the demand for transportation of certain goods has increased massively. People from Canada (or any other country) can now seamlessly buy, sell, and trade with consumers and business owners from every continent on the globe, including Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and so on.

Digital Freight Brokers

Rise of Digital Freight Brokerages

As online trading has indeed created a new way of doing business, why stop there? Freight broker companies have begun to follow the trends of the modern world, and now digital freight broker companies are beginning to emerge, and this new digital service has taken the industry by storm. Digital freight brokers, popularly referred to as the “Uber for Trucking” act as an autonomous middleman between transactions and shipping. Thanks to digital freight brokers, transportation of heavy goods and other commodities, can now be done with increased efficiency which lowers shipping costs for customers.  Furthermore, without physical, verbal interactions, this digital service cuts out a lot of the unnecessary middle-man roles, providing a more efficient and cost-effective service in getting goods move. Being more cost-effective not only saves customers and business owners money but offers higher wages for drivers through higher profit margins.

Digital Freight Services Helps Reduce Shipping Costs

With over 9 million heavy-duty highway tractors on highways in North America with 20-30% of all miles travelled being run with the truck either empty or not at full utilization, there is a big economic argument to increase utilization across the capacity of all the trucks transporting cargo across North America. Digital freight brokers try to accomplish this by decentralizing the day-to-day decision-making of commercial drivers by making it easier than ever for drivers and owner operators to choose which cargo they haul which allows them to work more on a freelance basis. By doing so, digital freight services can learn the preferences of carriers and individual drivers in hopes of increase the optimization of all the trucks on the road today in hopes of decreasing the costs of getting cargo shipped to all corners of the world.

At Vectra Heavy Haulers, we realize the massive impact that Digital Freight Brokers will have on the industry. We also appreciate the amount and level of logistics are a lot different when moving oversize machinery compared to standardized package or pallet. With that said, we have always embraced technological advancements to increase efficiency in our operations and we are excited to adjust our own product offering to align with this trend.