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How Heavy Equipment Hauling Companies Can Obtain an Oversize Permit

Professionals in flatbed trucking can apply for a variety of oversize permits. These permits allow truck-trailer combinations that are too long, wide, tall and/or heavy to operate on official highways. Each province and state has its stipulations as to what situation qualifies for an oversize permit.

Heavy equipment hauling companies that transport heavy equipment across North America will require oversize permits in each jurisdiction they pass through. Each single-trip permit will have an exact route that the oversize load must abide while in transit and every permit will only be valid for a certain time from when it is issued. Therefore, with the increased layer of complexity that goes into moving each oversize load, it is important to choose a company like Vectra Heavy Haulers that doesn’t take shortcuts when managing the logistics that go into each move.

How Heavy Equipment Hauling Companies Can Obtain an Oversize Permit

The Process of Applying for Oversize and Overweight Permits

In some jurisdictions, applying for an oversize permit is as simple as submitting documents to the corresponding Department of Transportation by fax, mail or online application. Having the required details well organized, including the exact information of your load, load dimensions, overall dimensions, license plates, weights per axle, and the proposed route will simplify your application process.

Companies that specialize in transporting oversized loads will have their internal permit ordering division, outsource all their permitting needs to a third-party permit ordering company, or utilize some mix of both when obtaining permits. Gathering and communicating all the correct information to order permits across all the involved parties is incredibly important as a small misinterpretation could have severe consequences if the mistakes are not caught before the transportation professional hits the highway.

In some states and provinces, once you obtain the oversize permit, there could be the stipulation to obtain an additional permit to move the load through a certain jurisdiction. For example, when moving a load through Ontario, once the provincial oversize permit is received, there could be a requirement to get additional permits through each municipality travelled, subject to approval which could take a few hours or a couple of weeks to come in. Therefore, it is important to use a company that can be proactive with all of the situations that can occur when moving oversized freight across North America to avoid any surprises that could negatively impact your business.

The Types of Oversize Permits You Can Apply For

For the most part, there are annual, project-based, and single-trip oversize permits available in each state and province for heavy haulers. The specific purpose for obtaining each type of permit varies:

Annual Permits

This permit is valid for 12 months from the date of the issue within the jurisdiction it is issued. Annual permits will have set limits for the dimensions and weight of loads that can be transported with this permit. Some jurisdictions issue annual permits that cover the entire fleet of trucks in one company and some jurisdictions require each truck that plans to move an oversize load to have their annual permit. Annual permits are ideal for trucking companies that constantly move oversize freight through or within a certain state/province. These permits also give an advantage to companies who have them during times when that specific jurisdiction is taking a long time to issue their single trip permits.

Project-Based Permits

These permits are issued to allow companies to move loads of a similar size over a specified period in a certain predetermined geography. These permits are useful when a transportation company gets awarded a project that has dimensions that are larger than what annual permits allow.

Single-Trip Permits

These are the most common types of permits that are ordered. These permits are issued for the one time move of the oversize load through a certain jurisdiction for a specific period ranging from 3-14 days. Companies will order a single-trip permit for one-of oversize shipments through jurisdictions they don’t consistently operate in. Furthermore, a company would have to order a single-trip permit if it has a load that has dimensions greater than the annual permit they have in the same geography.


Obtaining an oversize permit is a detail-orientated task that must be taken into account for each oversize move. Having accurate measurements, a clear line of communication between all the parties involved, and a professional driver that can read and adhere to each permit’s requirements are all keys to successfully moving over-dimensional freight safely without any issues across North America. Therefore, when choosing Vectra Heavy Haulers you can plan your specialized transport with full confidence.

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