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Kentucky Dot Permits & Regulations

Kentucky Oversize Road Restrictions

Kentucky Department of Vehicle Regulation

Address: 200 Metro Street Frankfort, Kentucky 40602

Contact: (502) 564-7150

Hours: 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. (ET)

Kentucky Dot Permits

Single trip permits are valid for ten (10) calendar days.



45,000 w/ 5 axles

48,000 w/ 6 or more axles



Gross Weight:

5 Axles96,000
6 Axles120,000
7 Axles148,000

Length: 75’ on 2-lane road

120’ on 4-lane road

Width: 16’

Height: 15’6”

Overhang: 35’ overall

When Escorts Are Needed:

On 2-Lane Highways:                # of Escorts

Width over 10’6” to 12’1 Rear
Width over 12’ to 14’2 (Front & Rear)
Length over 75’ to 120’1 Front
Length over 120’1 Front, 2 Rear


On 4 or More Lane Divided Highways:

Width over 12’1 Rear
Width over 14’ may require2 (Front & Rear)
Length over 120’1 Front, 2 Rear
Overhang over 10’1 (at point of overhang)
On some highways, where conditions dictate the need2 (Front & Rear)


On All Roads:

Height over 15’1 Front w/ height pole

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Did you know that we have information on Tennessee oversize permits as well?

We strictly follow the federal, state and local Over-Dimension Permits. To get all the information about Kentucky oversize permits.