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Mississippi Oversize Permits
Mississippi Department of Transportation Permit Division P.O. Box 1850 Jackson, Mississippi 39215 Contact: 1 (888) 737-0061 / (601) 359-1717 Hours: 7:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. (CT)

Mdot Overweight Permits

Single trip permits are valid for three (3) consecutive days, unless over weekend. *Weekend Travel* Travel is permitted until 1/2 half an hour before sunset on Saturday. If a permit is issued with 24-hour movement, travel is allowed on Sunday. If the permit does not include 24-hour movement added, travel is not allowed on Sunday, unless sealed container. Weight:
Single 12,000 (steering axle)
Tandem 48,000
Tridum 57,000 (63,000 on interstates)
Quad 64,000 (72,000 on interstates)
Gross Weight:
5 Axles 113,000
6 Axles 123,000
7 Axles 128,000
8 Axles 141,000
Length: 120’ (no set maximum for overhang) Width: 20’ Height: 17’ Any dimensions 15’8” and over must have a route survey. When Escorts Are Needed: On All Highways:                    # of Escorts
Overall length 95’ up to 105’ 1 Rear
Overall length over 105’ 2 (Front & Rear)
Width over 13’ 1 (Front on 2-Lane/ Rear on 4-Lane)
Overhang of 15’ or more in front 1 Front
Overhang of 15’ or more in rear 1 Rear
Height of loads controlled by route clearance n/a
Wight on loads controlled by pavement and bridge clearance n/a
*Note: Rear escort for width may be replaced by: 2 -5″ flashing amber lights sufficient for 500 ft. visibility mounted approximately 6 ft. above the road surface on the rear corners of the load – control of lights must be inside towing vehicle with device to alert the driver in the event of a malfunction. Vectra Heavy Haulers, a company for heavy haul transport with an impeccable reputation, will ensure secure and trusted delivery services according to your needs. Did you know that we have information on Alabama oversize permits as well? We follow all the regulations and permits for transporting goods across state and local jurisdictions. For more Mississippi Oversize/Overweight Permit (OSOW) office regulation information.