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New Hampshire Dot Permits

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Department of Transportation Bureau of Highway Maintenance

Address: John O. Morton Building P.O. Box 483 Concord, New Hampshire 03302

Contact: (603) 271-2691

Hours: 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. (ET)



Gross Weight:

5 Axles130,000
6 Axles140,000
7 Axles150,000
8 Axles150,000 Goes to bridge division

Length: 90’

Width: 16’

Height 16’

Dimension over 13’6 high requires a route survey. No permits for height over 15′ on all turnpikes.

OS/OW Permit shall be submitted to Bridge Design for bridge review if:

  • Any bridge on the proposed route has a load posting or weight restriction
  • Any axle spacing less than 4′-0″
  • Any single axle exceeds 27,500 pounds. (10′-0″ or more to any adjacent axle)
  • Any axle of a tandem group exceeds 25,000 pounds. (see note 2)
  • Any axle of a tridem group exceeds 22,500 pounds. (see note 2)
  • Any axle of a quad group exceeds 20,000 pounds. (see note 2)
  • Any group of five axles. (see note 2)
  • Any 2-Axle Single Unit exceeds 55,000 pounds.
  • Any 3-Axle Single Unit exceeds 72,500 pounds.
  • Any 4-Axle Single Unit exceeds 90,000 pounds.
  • Any 5-Axle Single Unit exceeds 100,000 pounds.
  • Any Single Unit, with 6 or more axles, exceeds 110,000 pounds.
  • Any 3-Axle combination Unit exceeds 82,500 pounds.
  • Any 4-Axle combination Unit exceeds 95,000 pounds.
  • Any 5-Axle Combination V ehicle exceeds 108,000 pounds.
  • Any 6-Axle Combination V ehicle exceeds 120,000 pounds.
  • Any 7-Axle Combination V ehicle exceeds 130,000 pounds.
  • Any Combination Vehicle, with 8 or more axles, exceeds 149,999 pounds.

When Escorts Are Needed:

# of Escorts

Width 12’ and over1 Front
Length 80’ and over1 Front
Overhang 15’ and over w/12’ width1 Front + 1 Rear

Police Escort: Cost $132/ half day (State Police need 48 hour notice)

Width 18’ and over
Length 100’ and over


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We always follow the federal, state and local Over-Weight Over-Dimension Permits for this. For more New Hampshire permit Oversize/Overweight Permit (OSOW) office regulation information.