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North Dakota (ND)Oversize/Overweight Permits

North Dakota Permits

The North Dakota single trip or oversize permits are valid for three (3) days.

Weight: No maximum limit set, depends upon the legal fulfilment on all axle or group weights. It will determine whether the permit will be issued or not.

Register Tractor- 105,400

Gross Weight- 80,000 Gross, it is based upon the routes and axle spacings. All pipes, poles, utility poles, beams and others also require a permit for rear overhang.

Length- 53’ for semi-trailer and load & 75’ overall (including the load and any rear overhang).

Width- 8.6”, It is determined as per the vehicle’s routes for carrying the overload.

Height- 14’, It depends upon the weight loaded on the vehicles. All the vertical clearances should be taken care of by the permit holder.

When Are Escorts Needed?

On 2-lane highways:                  # of Escorts

Width over 14.6” up to 16’.1 Escort
Width over 16’2 Escorts (Front & Back)

On 4-lane highways:   # of Escorts

Width over 16’.1 Escort
Width over 18’.Official Escort (Unless declined by Highway Patrol)

On All Highways:

  • All vehicles with over 120’ length required one escort. Along with that, the permit verification might consider traffic conditions, limitations and other such factors.
  • The height over 18’ requires 1 escort along with all vertical clearances in written from the utility companies.

Special Handling of Traffic:

  • A 10’ wide lane must be allowed for all the normal traffic to pass the overloaded vehicle seamlessly.
  • Special handling is essential for the loads if it extends 2’ onto the passing lane. It means that special consideration is required if the passing by normal vehicles are not being able to cross the overloaded vehicles without either of them compromising by hitting the edge of roads.
  • For special handling, flag persons and escorts will accompany and will be located either in the front or back or both as per the permit requirement.
  • As a trustworthy equipment transport agency, Vectra Heavy Haulers, will ensure the safe delivery of your goods in South Dakota as well. We follow all the regulation permits on the federal, state, and local levels. For more North Dakota Oversize/Overweight Permit (OSOW) office regulation information, check out the official North Dakota DOT site at

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We follow all the regulations in federal, state, and local oversize & overweight provisions. For more North Dakota Oversize/Overweight Permit (OSOW) office regulation information.