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Ohio Oversize Regulations and Permits

Ohio Permit laws & Regulations

Ohio Department of Transportation Special Hauling Office- Ohio Oversize Permits Section

Address: 1610 W. Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43223

Contact: (614) 351-2300

Hours: 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. (ET)


Single-trip Ohio oversize permits are valid for five (5) consecutive days.



36,000 Spacing equal to or less than 4’

46,000 spacing more than 4’ plus 1,000 lbs per additional foot.


60,000 4’1” Minimum Spacing

53,000 Spacing more than 4’ plus 700 lbs per additional foot.

Quad57,200 Spacings 4’6”

Gross Weight: Not to exceed 120,000 lbs

*5 Axles Single-tandem-tandem

29,000-46,000-46,000 = 121,000 GVW

*Must have 51’ outer bridge and 36’ inner bridge to carry overweight on 5 acles.

6 Axles Single-Tandem-Tridum29,000-46,000-53,000 = 128,000 GVW
7 Axles Single-Tridum-Tridum29,000-53,000-53,000 = 135,000 GVW
8 Axles Single-Tandem-Tandem-Tridum29,000-46,000-46,000-53,000= 174,000 GVW

Length: No set Maximum

Width: 14’

Height: 14’6”

When Escorts Are Needed:

Length over 90’1 Rear
Width over 13’1 Lead (Rear on multiple lane highway)
Height over 14’6”1 lead escort vehicle equipped with a height sensing device
Width over 14’6”1 Lead & 1 Rear
Height over 14’10”1 Lead & 1 Rear

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Note: Escort vehicles shall be required to maintain radio communication with the operator for the permitted vehicle and shall also be required to be equipped with a roof mounted amber flashing or rotating light(s). Driver of the escort vehicle is to act as a flagman when needed.

Lead escort vehicle, when required, is to proceed 500 feet in advance of permit vehicle/load. Rear escort vehicle, when required, is to follow 500 feet behind permit vehicle/load.

All commercial vehicles operated under a permit and escorted by the Ohio

State Highway Patrol must have a MCSAP inspection prior to movement. Out of State inspections will not be honored unless the inspection resulted in a CVSA decal being awarded.

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We follow all the regulation permits on the federal, state, and local levels. For more Ohio Oversize/Overweight Permit (OSOW) office regulation information.