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Ontario Oversize Trip Permit Details


Ontario Ministry of Transportation Compliance Branch

Address: Main Floor East Building 301 St. Paul 3rd Floor St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada L2R 7R4

Contact: (416) 246-7166

Hours: 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. (ET)


Single trip permits are valid for three (3) to five (5) travel days.

Weight: Single, Tandem, Tridum and Quad all depend on axle spacings, weight and tire size.

Gross Weight: 5,6,7 and 8 Axles all depend on axle spacings, weight and tire size.

Length: 149’ (Anything over this requires special approval)

Width: 16’4”

Height: 14’ (Anything over this will require special clearance checks for the routes traveled.

When Escorts Are Required:

On 2-Lane Highways:                    # of Escorts

Width of 13’1” & over1 Front
Length of 120’7” & over1

On Multi-Lane Highways:

Width of 13’1” & over1 Rear
Length 120’7” & over1


  • Private escorts are allowed for loads up to 16’4″ wide with official escorts required thereafter. –
  • Escort requirements for length, height and weight must be provided asindividual permits will indicate.

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We follow all the provincial and local Commercial vehicle permits. For more information about regulations in Ontario for permits on Oversize transportation.