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Online Trucking Oregon - Truck Permit Information

Oregon Online Trucking DMV Trip Permit

Oregon Truck Permit Information

Oregon Transportation Permit Unit

Address: 550 Capital St. NE Salem, Oregon 97310

Contact: (503) 373-0000 / 1 (800) 336-3602

Hours: 7:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. (MT) *Closed Wednesday Noon – 1:00 P.M.*

Online Trucking Oregon Permit

Single trip permits are valid for up to ten (10) days.


TridumDepends on Spacing
QuadDepends on Spacing

Gross Weight:

5 Axles98,000
6 Axles120,500
7 Axles142,000
8 Axles150,000

Length: 150’ with jeeps and boosters

Width: 16’ interstate

14’ two lane roads

Height: 17’ Based on the clearance of the routes traveled.

When Escorts Are Needed:

Interstate                        # of Escorts

Length over 120’1
Legnth over 140’As required on permit
Width over 14’1
Width over 16’As required on permit
Height over 14’6”1

On Green Routes

Length over 105’1 Pilot car
Length over 120’2 Pilot cars
Length over 140’Case by case basis
Width over 12’1
Width over 14’2 escorts
Width over 16’As required on permit
Height over 14’6”1 Pilot car

Most other 2 lane routes:

Width over 9’1 Pilot
Height over 14’6”1
Length over 95’1
Length over 120’2
Length over 140Case by case basis

Note: Online trucking Oregon permits may need additional efforts in special cases. Other places in Oregon may require pilot cars/truck escorts, so be sure to check with ODOT before committing to transport anything within this state. Thoroughly check regarding the permits for Online trucking Oregon state requires. Leave acquiring an Oregon permit for trucks on Vectra Heavy Haulers.

Restricted Travel

Vehicles 14′ – 16′ wide must travel between 9:00 – 11:00 A.M and 1:00 – 3:00 P.M. in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford and Grants Pass

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