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Tennessee Oversize Permits And Regulations

Tennessee Oversize Permit Regulations

Department of Transportation – TN Oversize Permits

Address: Suite 300 James K. Polk State Office Building Nashville Tennessee 37219

Contact: (615) 741-3821

Hours: 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. (CT)

TN Oversize Permits Details

Single-trip Tennessee oversize permits are issued for six (6) travel days.



Gross Weight:

5 Axles100,000
6 Axles120,000
7 Axles140,000
8 Axles160,000

Length: 120’

Width: 16’

Height: 15’

When Escorts Are Needed:

On 2 Lane HIghways                    # of Escorts

Width over 10’ up to 12’6” Where pavement width (excluding shoulders) is less than 24’1 Front
Width over 10’ up to 12’6” at bridge structures where road width is less than 20’1 Flagperson
Width over 12’6” up to 14’1 Front

On 4 Lane Highways:

Width over 12’6” up to 14”1 Rear

On All Highways:

Width over 14’ (if approved)2 (Front & Rear)
Height over 13’6” up to 15’ Special permit needed w/ special routingNo escort
Height over 15’ if approved, using height ple1 Front
Length over 75’ up to 85’Needs light (see signs/lt. section)
Length over 85’ up to 120’1 Rear
Length over 120’2 (Front & Rear)
Moving houses2 (Front & Rear)
Weight GVW over 150,000 lbs – needs approval by TN DOT


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