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Reliable And Cost-effective Large Load Trucking Services In Canada

If you are looking for a large load trucking service in Canada that can transport oversize loads across the continent, then look no further than Vectra Heavy Haulers. We are based in Tiny, Ontario and have an office in Calgary, Alberta with the capabilities of delivering your equipment anywhere in North America.

Through our experience in transporting oversized freight across North America, we know all the rules and regulations for wide-load trucking that need to be followed, limiting the number of surprises when your time-sensitive freight is in transit. At Vectra Heavy Haulers, we take pride in working with the professional drivers of the highest caliber and experience who are familiar with the challenges and responsibilities when moving oversize freight.  All the trucks and equipment is inspected monthly to make sure everything is operating exactly as it should be. This reduces the risk of any breakdowns and delays while your freights are in transit.

At Vectra Heavy Haulers we are determined to provide a reliable option to get your freight moved while ensuring each customer is satisfied with our level of service and cost. Through our experience of all the regulations in the industry, the skill of the drivers we work with, the safety standards we implement on our equipment, and our dedication to customer service, you can be confident using Vectra Heavy Haulers to transport your oversize machinery.

Exceptional Large Load Trucking Services

Vectra Heavy Haulers goes above and beyond in wide-load trucking. Our services include open-deck trucking, over-dimensional hauling, freight transport, cross-border transportation, Canadian heavy haul, and logistics. Some of the industries across North America that have trusted Vectra Heavy Haulers to move their equipment include oil and gas, construction, mining, manufacturing, forestry, and aerospace. The thousands of shipments moved by Vectra Heavy Haulers and its network of professional owner operators has resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers. Next time you are looking at transporting your large machinery within North America, try Vectra Heavy Haulers and experience the difference.

Open-Deck Trucking

Open Deck Trucking

One of the most common methods used in open-deck trucking is a flatbed open-deck trailer, which Vectra Heavy Haulers can offer. Flatbeds range from 48 to 53 continuous linear feet, they can scale up to 48,000 pounds without needing a permit, and their decks are regular dock height. This versatility of open deck trailers makes flatbeds great for transporting industrial equipment and other heavy machinery since they are easy to load and unload at a warehouse with a forklift or on a job site with a crane.

The disadvantage of having a dock-height trailer is that you are limited in the height of the cargo you carry to 8’6” (259cm) without needing a permit for height.


Over Dimensional Hauling

Over-dimensional hauling consists of moving of freight with an overall transportation dimension that exceeds 75’ long, 8’6” wide, 13’6” tall, and/or 80,000 pounds gross weight by using an oversized load truck. Over-dimensional loads require an extraordinary amount of care because they need to be permitted through every jurisdiction they travel through. All of this means that the equipment, drivers, and experience of everyone involved must be top-notch, and that’s exactly what Vectra Heavy Haulers offers. Our team is well-versed in the planning and the undertaking of over-dimensional hauling.

Since inception, we have been trusted to successfully organize the transportation of thousands of over-dimensional shipments for customers across many industries. Experience the difference that Vectra has to offer next time you are planning the transportation of your over-dimensional move.

Freight Transport

Freight Transport

Over-the-road trucking is the most important method of freight transportation across North America. As 71% of all freight in North America is transported using wide-load trucking as of 2020, supply chains depend on reliable, efficient, and sustainable over-the-road freight transportation systems. Since there is a lot of information, planning, logistics, and scheduling that goes into each move, it is easy to miss something, resulting in a freight transport process that is not efficient.

With Vectra Heavy Haulers’ freight shipping services, we believe in a proactive, detail-orientated approach when planning each move to ensure each load we transport is moved efficiently. By doing so, we avoid mistakes that could be costly in terms of time and money for our customers and everyone involved in the supply chain.

Cross-Border Transportation

Cross-Border Transportation

Vectra Heavy Haulers’ cross-border trucking services have another advantage over some of its competition as a large-load trucking company. We can seamlessly transport freight between Canada, The United States, and Mexico. For a fully hands-off experience, Vectra Heavy Haulers, a heavy haul trucking company, can deal with getting all the necessary paperwork, customs brokers, and clearances arranged to get your equipment anywhere in North America efficiently.

Canada Heavy Haul

Canadian Heavy Haul

Canadian heavy haul trucking companies like Vectra Heavy Haulers set themselves apart by offering their heavy haul solutions in Canada and North America. Since important industries in Canada like energy, mining, forestry, and agriculture are in remote areas, it adds a layer of complexity to delivering heavy machinery to service these industries. At Vectra Heavy Haulers, Canadian Heavy Haul is right up our alley; we are willing to accept the challenge and responsibility of moving machinery anywhere in Canada with our large load trucking services because we know how integral this equipment is to our customers, their operations, and their profitability.


Canadian Logistics

At Vectra Heavy Haulers, a large load trucking and logistics company, we have partnered with hundreds of carriers that give us access to thousands of professional operators across North America with a wide range of unique truck/trailer combinations to service you when your trucks cannot meet your critical schedule. This gives us the flexibility to have the right equipment positioned anywhere in North America on a predictable basis. Furthermore, by working with a few select carriers consistently, we have grown a trustworthy relationship with experienced and professional equipment operators that allows us to ensure our promise of going above and beyond expectations.

Therefore, no matter how big or small your next load is or where it is going, we can get an experienced professional to move it safely and on time.


You now know what we are all about at Vectra Heavy Haulers, including a description of each of our services, along with a list of frequently asked questions about heavy haul large load trucking in North America. If you are interested in finding out more, and you think Vectra Heavy Haulers could be the right choice for your freight transport needs, then you can request a quote from Vectra Heavy Haulers. This can be done through our website, emailing us, or by calling us at 289-290-1033. We will respond as quickly as we can, and once we receive all the necessary information for the quote and all the questions have been answered, you can be rest assured that you’ll be in great hands for your next move.