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Canada Heavy Haul

Canadian heavy haul trucking companies like Vectra Heavy Haulers set themselves apart by offering their heavy haulage services within Canada and across North America. Since important industries in Canada like energy, mining, forestry, and agriculture are in remote areas, it adds a layer of complexity to delivering heavy machinery to service these industries. At Vectra Heavy Haulers, Canadian Heavy Haul is right up our alley. With our exceptional heavy haul solutions, we are willing to accept the challenge and responsibility of moving machinery anywhere in Canada because we know how integral this equipment is to our customers, their operations, and their profitability.

You can also choose our cross-border trucking services, freight shipping services and much more. We are just a call away!

Freight Transport Throughout Canada

With an area of 9,984,670 square kilometers, Canada lags only Russia in size. However, transportation companies in Canada have more to deal with than sheer size. Each province has different requirements for things like weight and dimensional limits for over the road transport. Furthermore, not all areas of Canada are accessible by flatbed truck throughout the entire year and there are weight restrictions in place during the spring as the ground beneath the road surfaces begins to thaw.

As an experienced Canadian heavy hauler, we know what roads to take and when they are passable and can get your heavy equipment to remote areas throughout the year when choosing our heavy haul solutions. We know which equipment to use, and our drivers have the expertise to maintain our commitment to getting the delivery accomplished, safe and on time.

Freight Transport Throughout Canada

Freight Transport in Ten Provinces as Well as the USA and Mexico

At Vectra Heavy Haulers we know the rules and regulations for over-the-road transportation in every province and territory, all the continental 49 states in the US, and in the states of Mexico. Our company is familiar with all the rules and regulations regarding cross-border deliveries as well. If you need a Canadian heavy hauler with years of experience and a complete logistics network within North America, your best choice is Vectra Heavy Haulers. Our company provides top-of-the-line freight services for pickup and delivery anywhere in Canada and anywhere in North America.

Freight Transport in Ten Provinces as Well as the USA and Mexico