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Freight Transportation

Over-the-road trucking is among the most important freight shipping services across North America. As 71% of all freight in North America is transported using trucks as of 2020, supply chains depend on reliable, efficient, and sustainable over-the-road freight transportation systems. Since there is a lot of information, planning, logistics, and scheduling that goes into each move, it is easy to miss something, resulting in a freight transport process that is not efficient. At Vectra Heavy Haulers, a reliable freight shipping company, we believe in a proactive, detail-oriented approach when planning each move to ensure each load we transport is moved efficiently. By doing so, we avoid mistakes that could be costly in terms of time and money for our customers and everyone involved in the supply chain. Our freight shipping services prioritize efficiency and reliability.

Intermodal Freight Transportation

Although nearly three-fourths of all freight transport is moved on a truck, many times other means of transportation are used. Most cargo that is imported or exported outside of North America is transported by a ship or a plane. An efficient trucking company needs to at least have a good understanding of how each mode of transportation works but should also be well integrated with each mode. By doing so, not only can we ensure that your freight meets the deadlines at the ocean port, rail station, or airport for its next leg of the journey, we are able to offer cost-effective solutions to move your freight if we are able to identify a better alternative. Our competence and care extend from our drivers, and everyone associated with handling freight to those integrally tied into the supply chain and logistics management. Vectra Heavy Haulers, a trusted freight shipping company, ensures efficient and cost-effective intermodal freight transportation.

Intermodal Freight Transport

Vectra Heavy Haulers not only ships anywhere in Canada and the United States efficiently and on time, but our integration with the entire transportation network guarantees your freight is moved in the most effective way to suit your needs. From start to finish, our clients can rely on the highest levels of expertise and attention to detail with their freight transport needs by utilizing our open deck trailers among other options. We are a freight shipping company committed to excellence.

Door-to-Door Freight Transportation

Over-the-road transportation with an oversized load truck provides a service that in almost every scenario, air, sea, and rail transport cannot provide – final-mile delivery for businesses. This makes over-the-road freight transport the only solution for door-to-door shipping. For example, a manufacturer rolls products out to the loading dock where we pick them up and then deliver them to the loading dock of their customer. This seamless delivery system depends on supply chain expertise, excellence in shipping by ground transport, and the right mix of trucks and open deck trucking options. It depends on a competent workforce and a company that dedicates itself to excellence.