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Open Deck Trucking

One of the most common methods used in open-deck trucking is a flatbed, a reliable open deck trailer. This is something that Vectra Heavy Haulers can offer among other heavy haul solutions. Open deck trailers like flatbeds range from 48 to 53 of continuous linear feet, they can scale up to 48,000 pounds without needing a permit, and their decks are regular dock height. This versatility makes this open deck trailer a great method for transporting industrial equipment and other heavy machinery since they are easy to load and unload at a warehouse with a forklift or on a job site with a crane. The disadvantage of having a dock height trailer is that you are limited in the height of the cargo you carry to 8’6” (259cm) without needing a permit for height.

Step Deck Freight

For freight that is taller than 8’6” but less than 10’ (305cm) tall, step deck, drop deck, or single drop trailer is ideal as its lower deck height is 18” lower than a flatbed. These commercial open-deck trailers were designed especially for carrying taller loads. Besides the advantage of carrying tall cargo without needing a special permit, these trailers have upper and lower decks, and many are ramp-capable, so loading and unloading is easier on a job site with no dock or ramp accessible. However, due to their lower bottom deck height, cargo is commonly loaded by crane or forklift.

Step Deck Freight

Detachable Double Drop Trailer

For equipment that is greater than 10’ tall, a Detachable Double Drop Trailer is ideal as its lower deck height is 24” lower than a step deck so it is able to handle loads that are up to 12’ (366cm) tall without needing a permit. Trucking company like Vectra Heavy Haulers utilize double drop trailers, which can detach and drive any machinery right on from the ground without needing a dock or loading ramps. Furthermore, these trailers are ideal for transporting tall, heavy, and wide loads.

Detachable Double Drop Freight

Double drop trailer gets its name from its two higher decks, one in the front and one in the back, that enclose the middle-lower deck. This deck is commonly called the “well.” These trailers come in a variety of different well configurations so accurate measurements and diagrams are always encouraged to ensure the right type of equipment is on site to pickup your equipment.

Besides carrying even taller loads with an oversized load truck, a double drop trailer (a type of open deck trailer) can carry heavier loads, especially when the weight is concentrated within a small footprint. Some double drop trailers have a third or fourth flip axle which is laid on the deck when not in use and “flipped down” for hauling heavier loads. This is necessary because provincial and state regulations commonly require more axles as the weight of the freight increases. When choosing between a standard flatbed, step deck and double drop trailer, the first considerations are the weight and height of the load to determine the ideal trailer to use.

Exceptionally Heavy, Wide, and Long Loads

When loads get exceptionally heavy, long, high, or wide and they cannot be transported using a regular trailer configuration, a specialized trailer is required to get the cargo moved. These include but are not limited to multi-axle lowboys, extendable trailers, and blade trailers. Whether you need a flatbed, step deck, removable gooseneck, or a specialized trailer, Vectra Heavy Haulers is able to provide you with the proper equipment for the open-deck trucking of your equipment to get it moved safely and on budget.

Exceptionally Heavy, Wide, and Long Loads