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Over-Dimensional Hauling

Over-dimensional hauling with an oversize load truck consists of moving of freight with an overall transportation dimension that exceeds 75’ long, 8’6” wide, 13’6” tall, and/or 80,000 pounds gross weight. Moving over-dimensional loads requires extraordinary care because oversized load haulers need to be permitted through every jurisdiction they travel through.

All of this means that the oversized load hauler equipment, drivers, and experience of everyone involved must be top-notch, and that’s exactly what Vectra Heavy Haulers offers. Our team is well-versed in the planning and undertaking of over-dimensional hauling with the help of state-of-the-art oversized load trucks.

Since inception, we have been trusted to successfully organize the transportation of thousands of over-dimensional shipments for customers across many industries with the help of our oversized load haulers. Experience the difference that Vectra has to offer next time you are planning the transportation of your over-dimensional move.

Systems Used for Over-Dimensional Hauling

Depending on what sort of equipment you are hauling with the help of an oversized load truck, over-dimensional may simply refer to a long load like a wind turbine blade or it may refer to a very wide and high load such as an oversized piece of construction equipment. Over-dimensional loads may or may not be excessively heavy. Part of getting the right over-dimensional hauling with oversized load haulers is to match the right equipment with the load being hauled. Most over-dimensional loads are able to be moved on standard flatbeds, step decks, or detachable double drops. However, when the load is extraordinary in terms of length, width, height, or weight, highly specialized equipment is required to move your freight safely. Here are some of the equipment we may use to move your next extraordinary load.

Multi-Axle Lowboys

These trailers are commonly used to transport exceptionally heavy cargo as there are multiple axles in place to support and disperse the weight of the cargo across the entire trailer setup to ensure each axle group can be permitted within legal allowances. These trailers often come with a removable gooseneck that is detachable that allows machinery to effortlessly drive-on and drive-off that deck from ground level. Furthermore, a lot of these trailers systems are modular which means that axles can be added or subtracted to suit the weight of the cargo being carried. This makes it critical to have a precise weight and diagram that can show how the weight of the cargo is distributed to ensure a trailer is setup in the proper way prior to arriving on site for loading.

Multi-Axle Lowboys

Beam Trailers

For drivable machinery of extraordinary weights and heights, a beam trailer is a great option. These trailers consist of a 3’6” wide reinforced beam that runs down the centre of the trailer. Machinery is then driven on to straddle the beam, blocked up, and is lifted off the ground using the hydraulics of the beam until each side is at least 6” off the ground for transport. Once the machinery is secured to the trailer, there is greater stability achieved while in transit due to how low the machine is transported to the ground which effectively lowers its centre of gravity.

Beam Trailers

Blade Trailers

Wind tower blades can easily be more than 120 feet long. This type of load requires a specialty “blade” trailer with an adjustable length and a multi-axle design. It commonly comes with remote controls for its steering systems to be able to turn around tight corners. Extreme care needs to be taken in planning routes for these types of loads and professional drivers of the highest caliber are a must to ensure safe and on-time transit.

Vectra Heavy Haulers’ freight shipping services are your best investment. You can use our open deck trailers and other oversized load trucks for the ultimate peace of mind.